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Connecting a Vehicle to your Network

You'll need to connect your OTTO robot to your network to truly take advantage of the robot's autonomous capabilities.

OTTO robots come with 2.4 GHz wireless frequency disabled, but OTTO robots can support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless frequencies. 5 GHz is strongly recommended as the 2.4 GHz frequency may result in performance issues. If 2.4 GHz is required for the robot to connect, please contact your OTTO Motors representative to assist in changing the robot's configuration.

Network settings need to be reconfigured for the initial OTTO SDV software upgrade from version 2.12.x or lower to version 2.14.x or higher - for subsequent updates, network setting reconfiguration will no longer be required. If a software update is required, it is recommended to do so before completing the following steps. See Installing Software on an OTTO robot for details.
  1. Connect your computer to the OTTO SDV via ethernet cable.

    See Connecting to a robot for more information.

  2. From a browser, navigate to OTTO Network Setup will be displayed. 

  3. Click Use robot Settings to view the current settings of the OTTO SDV being configured.

    Click Use Browser Settings to save the current settings for easier and faster configuration of multiple robots.

    The robot Hostname, WiFi Settings Passkey, and VPN Password are not saved when using the Use Browser Settings option.

  4. Enter a Hostname for the OTTO SDV. Hostnames must begin with a letter as hostnames beginning with a number aren't supported.

    If the Configuration screen becomes slow to respond after changing the hostname, restart the OTTO SDV.

  5. Click Apply.

  6. Enter your network's Access Point Name (ssid) and Passkey, then click Apply.
  7. Select an IP Type.

    1. To assign a Static IP address, select Static IP from the IP Type drop-down. Configure the fields as required and click Apply.
    2. To use a Dynamic IP address assigned by the network, select Dynamic IP from the IP Type drop-down and click Apply.

  8. Click Save and Restart Network.

  9. Restart the OTTO SDV.

    The OTTO App can now be accessed over Wi-Fi for the configured OTTO SDV. From a Google Chrome browser, go to <hostname>:5000. If your network isn't set up to resolve hostnames, use the IP address of the OTTO SDV in place of the hostname.

  10. If you're configuring an OTTO SDV that will be added to a fleet using OTTO Fleet Manager, see Adding a robot to Your Fleet; but, if you're configuring a single OTTO SDV that won't be added to a fleet, you're done!