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Adding an OTTO SDV to your Fleet

Your computer must be connected to the OTTOTM self-driving vehicle (SDV) and the SDV must be connected to your network. 

  1. From a browser, navigate to OTTO Network Setup will be displayed. 
  2. Under VPN Settings, enter the Fleet Manager Hostname (or IP).

    In a Multi-Host Deployment, this will be the Core IP address found under Host Information in Fleet Manager Settings. See Fleet Manager Configuration for more detail.

  3. Enter the VPN Port and VPN Password for your facility.
  4. Click Exchange VPN Keys
  5. Verify the OTTO self-driving vehicle is now connected to the OTTO Fleet Manager:

    1. In a new browser tab, open Fleet Manager.

      For instructions on how to launch it, see Launching Fleet Manager

    2. Navigate to Monitor Vehicles and in the list of vehicles in the fleet that is displayed, verify the new vehicle has been added. Note that it may take a few minutes for the vehicle to be displayed.

  6. If the vehicle does not connect, restart the OTTO SDV and Fleet Manager.

    See Restarting Fleet Manager for more detail.

  7. If you are adding the vehicle to an existing Fleet Manager that has already been configured, restart all Jobs in the Job queue.

Repeat the steps above to add additional OTTO SDVs your network and fleet.