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Version 2.20

Read the Release Summary for a detailed outline of the benefits that come with updating to version 2.20.

Be sure to check out the Release Notes for a detailed outline of changes to OTTO Motors software for each version.

Deployment, commissioning, monitoring, and integration of the OTTO platform can be broken down into the following phases:

OTTO®️ Motors 2.20 Software Release Notice

2.20 is one of our most exciting releases. The focus of this release has been on providing significant upgrades to our platforms and applications to ensure our OTTO self-driving vehicles (SDV) not only return the highest possible return on investment but are available in more regions and can be deployed more quickly and easily.

We have organized the product enhancements into categories that represent the development themes we focused on in the 2.20 software release.

Efficiency, Performance, Safety, and ROI


A number of significant improvements have been made to improve how our vehicles plan and traverse paths. These include updates to our core path planner as well as updates to patience algorithms - the latter improves our interactions with sensor noise and obstacles that briefly interfere with the current path but then disappear (for example, if someone stepped in front of a vehicle and then walked away).

We have also updated our fallback goal tolerances by enabling advanced local replanning to multiple goals.

User Experience

In each release we aim to make the product easier to use and more accessible to a wider range of users. Specifically in 2.20, we have made the following UX improvements:

Vehicle OS Enhancements

The new OTTO App will simplify several aspects of customer deployment.

  • We have built upon the previous driving and mapping experience with new drive controls.
  • All the Zones and tools that were previously only available in Fleet Manager are now available in OTTO App, allowing a fully featured Map to be created without a Fleet Manager deployment.
  • Endpoints in OTTO App are predefined Markers, Places, and Task constructs that simplify the process of creating vehicle-interaction points with specific intent.

    Note that customized Endpoints can be supported via vehicle software configuration files.

    We have introduced Endpoints for the following:

    • OTTO 100 Chargers
    • Staging Cart
    • Parking
    • Waypoints

  • Workflows are now supported in OTTO App, so that users can create complete end-to-end operations across Endpoints. Workflows are saved within the Map file and replace the concept of building Routes.

Fleet Manager Enhancements

The following changes have been made to Fleet Manager:

  • You can now specify timeouts for Interlock Steps.
  • You can now set the following parameters on an individual Place Group basis (previously global):

    • Place Group Retry On Vehicle Blocked
    • Place Group Vehicle Blocked Detection Timeout
    • Place Group Vehicle Blocked Detection Radius

  • You can now perform bulk abort and retry of charging and parking work.

OTTO Everywhere

OTTO Motors strives to have our vehicles work in the most facilities possible - that means navigating in a variety of environments, being able to dock in a variety of places, attach to many pieces of equipment, being easy to integrate with from a software control perspective, being certified for worldwide deployment, and supporting the languages our customers need.

Specifically in 2.20, we are making the following improvements:

Vehicle OS Enhancements

We have produced an OTTO 100 (V2.4 and V2.5) P&D Stand reference design leveraging a new Dock Target shape: the U-Dock. The U-Dock includes support from a consolidated Move Step.

Please contact OTTO Motors if you are interested in reviewing this reference design.

Fleet Manager Enhancements

Fleet Manager has been internationalized. This positions OTTO Motors to support any language to suit our customer’s preferences. We will be following up on this by providing new languages packs in upcoming releases.

Magnetic Line Following

High accuracy side docking and the ability to traverse narrow aisles using the OTTO 1500 SDV is now possible utilizing magnetic tape line following functionality. This new feature is considered to be in beta with further expansion of support planned for future releases.

Contact OTTO Motors if you're interested in taking advantage of this functionality.

Reliability, Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance

OTTO Motors strives to give you the highest possible uptime for your vehicles. In each release, we try to make sure that they break less often, have fewer interventions, are easier to diagnose, and are quicker to fix.

Specifically in 2.20, we are making the following improvements:

Vehicle OS Enhancements

We have made multiple improvements to our 3D Perception integrated and add-on solutions. Firmware has been updated on the cameras and users are now able to recalibrate on site. Improvements to glare filtering, and updates to reduce false positives have resulted in improved detection.